Friday, 2 September 2011

I’m currently working on procedural terrain generation for Crystal Haven.

For the moment I just need it to generate some basic terrain so I can use it for testing. I plan to set up a basic player movement system (with gravity), and the ability to add and remove blocks. After that will come the netcode :)

Here’s a picture of how the terrain is currently generated. I shrank the image 50% to fit on the blog better, but if it were full size, each pixel would represent one 16×16 pixel block. It’s using noise algorithms to generate the shape of the landscape, and also to generate the caves and details. It’s very basic currently, and just has 1 type of block, but that’s all I need for now.

The system has a maximum map size of about 268 million x 268 million blocks (I think Terraria’s largest map has 8400 x 2400 blocks), but I’m not sure if I’ll want to limit it for the actual game (too epic? lol imagine the harddrive space that would take up!). The terrain is generated in realtime so when the player moves a bit to the left, blocks on the right are un-loaded, and blocks on the left are added in (well, a bit more optimized than this, but the theory is the same). So currently there is no load time when a player starts a new map, etc.

Over the coming weeks I’ll slowly start to leak more information about the actual game itself – but this is a development post :)

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